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From: Toronto, Ontario

Band name: R D Fex

Lead singer: Denise Fex

Multi-instrument singer song writer

Last release: RIP IT UP 

Year release: 2020

Denise a multi-instrument musician signer/ songwriter has spending her weekend juggling music as her side career. Continually performing an impressive roster of over 400 songs for corporate events, Denise has engaged by such companies as West Jet and BMO and even festivals.


Starting at the age of 10, it was piano lessons, and then guitar lessons which rolled into her being in high school where she would dabble with any instrument she could get her hands on.


She is very much a multi-instrumentalist which visually leaves you awestruck…piano…guitar, acoustic guitar, flute, sax and of course that voice! - so unique with its raw unmistakable edge!

Denise has always had a keen love for music! Farm raised in northern Ontario, it was a simple upbringing though. Denise always had a stirring desire to not only learn music but to especially perform.


This has always been where she is most in her element and where she shines brightest!


Though a natural with music, her musicality was heightened with the culmination of her studies which continued post secondary as she completed a degree in music focusing on performance.


To add to the accolade, she then continued to teacher’s college where she earned her teaching degree and spent many years in the classroom teaching music and French.



Having connections in multiple streams, she has also had the privilege of performing the national anthem for various hockey games!


To add to her exciting career, when she could, this dynamic world class entertainer would embark on performances abroad as far Asia, Australia, the US and the Caribbean.


Her first recollection of music was Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”. And from there it was Yes, Genesis, ELP, Zeppelin and the like – many of which have too quickly been forgotten by most (ok, not Zeppelin!).


On the “more pop” side of things were David Bowie, Toto, Heart, Roxy Music, U2. Canadian content included Kim Mitchell, Tom Cochrane, Robbie Robertson.

Never one to sit still, in 2017 Denise spearheaded another initiative called ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN REVUE showcasing various artists raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society as she had lost her mother to cancer. 


In 2019 she lost her father who passed to cancer as well.


Now, February 2021, Denise finds herself in a full swing song writing career collaborating with her brother Roger.  Their anthemic song Rip It Up is already receiving airplay in the US!!


Together Roger and Denise make a powerful team spewing out catchy melodic pop rock tunes! Denise is excited to soon be performing live once again which thrills her the most!

An EP of 4 song including bonus of RIP IT UP is the oven stay tuned for the release by the end of the summer...

Roger along with Denise was born on a farm in Blezard Valley during a time which fostered inspiration as television was very restricted forcing the imagination to be the playground and source of entertainment. Their grandfather George was the musical catalyst and old time fiddling champion many times over.  " Whenever he took out the violin at the farm everybody sat in to jam...this was the stage for humble beginnings which left a legacy of music!


Roger studied journalism and worked at the Sturgeon Falls tribune .Roger’s brother Normand and friend Laurence Dotto started Stone Wheel productions, a concert production company that promoted bands such as Steppenwolf, Nazareth, Ozark Mountain Daredevils... to name a few. Roger produced and scored a feature film with director Robert Adetuyi called Trouble Sleeping featuring Billy Zane. Roger also being a music producer owns the recording studio Spotted Kow and it appears in the movie Turn it Up starring Ja Rule and Pras of the Fujis. 


Roger has written many songs on his own and four of which are featured in the movie Beat The World produced by Madonna. Having worked on the first two seasons of Skin Deeps Music with David Eng the show garnered a Gemini. Roger is also accredited to have done the music for a documentary called Survivors with Mike Schell which won a Golden Sheaf Award for best soundtracks. He has written several movies and sold 5 of them and also has a published book.


Now in 2021, Roger having finished producing and directing the world class video for Rip It Up, he is currently writing a movie for Inner City Films called The Baptist as well as continuing to write songs with sister Denise for R D FEX.



We can look forward for much more to come from this powerful song writing team!

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